Training cartoons for kids

Activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) and the eponymous Charitable Foundation has once again organized for children watching the cartoon. This time the project "Day of the young spectator" was attended by children from the Orphans Care Center” at LA UGCC and two children of ATO participants from Yavoriv.

"Day of the young spectator", which was held for the children on July 25, gave the participants a lot of positive emotions. This time the cartoon was organized in the institution The Game, situated on the Heroyiv UPA str., 73. A bright and comfortable interior of the establishment gave children the opportunity to sit comfortably and enjoy the fascinating history of the cartoon. During watching the movie, kids were treated with ice cream and milkshakes.

The triplets Vira, Nadiya and Lubov were accompanied by their mother Nadiya. The animated film "Book of life", shown to the children, made a good impression for the woman:

"Very properly selected cartoon for children. In this story the main characters are traveling to parallel universes, the cartoon teaches viewers to commemorate and pray for the souls of the ancestors. I believe that every child learned a lot, and I hope that each of them want to imitate the main characters, who were kind, honest and fair".

Children were filled with positive emotions from the cartoon, and from the institution, and from the warm atmosphere that reigned between them.

"When we see joyful eyes of the children – we understand that we are moving in the right direction and doing what they really like. This is the second time we are holding a "Day of the young spectator". Given the positive feedback, we will continue to organize similar activities for children that require our attention and care," says an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Nazar Bai.