The Day of Beauty was organized by the activists of the "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) for women with disabilities

Women are wonderful always and everywhere, in all countries, on all continents, they deserve the compliments and respect in spite of troubles or health problems. The organizers and participants of the social project "Femininity without borders tried to prove this idea.
For the first time in Ukraine for women in wheelchairs was held true celebration of beauty. Going to the salons for a new hairstyle and makeup, range of luxury dresses and, most importantly, professional photos from the best photographers in the city - it was all organised by activists of the "Community Development" in the framework of the project "Femininity without borders.

"Speaking of beauty in the modern world, we sometimes forget what is really beautiful and unique. Speaking of elegance and femininity, we don't notice a real elegance and grace. And speaking about spirituality, simply look at external data and appearance. We, the Women's club took it a goal to uncover this sophistication, femininity, tenderness and spiritual beauty. And, even when modern society pushes you into the framework categories and, when it does not perceive you as a full member of society, we believe that every woman, in spite of life's difficulties and hardships, is unique and inimitable, and women’s main decoration is a sincere smile. We have provided few consummate ladies to feel the charm and grace. We want to revive their faith in themselves and in their beauty and by their example they showed that beauty is a state of mind," says project coordinator Hrystyna Bolinovska.

In the project participated five women in wheelchairs. It is worth noting that they came to Lviv from different cities, namely from Rivne, Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk and Cherkasy. In the first half of the day the girls were taken to the beauty salons where professional makeup artists and hair stylists created new images. The next step was selection of holiday dresses, after which girls went to a pizzeria "Felicita".
After lunch, for girls was organized an informative tour on the Market square. Recorded this process the team of the Lviv photographers. Throughout the day participants were accompanied by the guys from "Community Development", which helped them to move.

"Our organization has held this event not as a one-day holiday for women. This is only the first step towards the introduction of social traditions, the essence of which is the recognition of beauty as something spiritual. Therefore, we will continue to engage women with disabilities, and to organize for them such events", - the activist of "Community Development" Roksolana Tokarska.

Themselves participants, despite the excitement of such attention photographers, not hold back emotions and gladly comment on this action.

"I loved the make-up, hairstyle and dress, for which I sincerely grateful. During the tour we saw many interesting and informative things. A lot of positive emotions, I wish those days were more often. We are very pleased that we are not forgotten and we will organize such events", - says Nadiya.

The organizers and participants of the project express their sincere gratitude for the support in hosting this event the partners, in particular, the salons "Modna Liniya" and "Johnny Barber, makeup artists Olga Tokarenko and Natalia Sozanska, the owner of the rental of evening dresses "Spilna Shafa" Chrystyna Putas, which has created incredible images,also to pizzeria "Felicita" for lunch for the participants, the tour guide Olena Andronatij, the shop “Zrizni Kvity” for bouquets for the girls, privat company "Honchar" for gifts for photographers. Special thanks to the team of photographers who joined the project and gave a professional photo shoot for girls, among them: Eugen Sus, Andriy Babchiy, Snizana Yaremchuk, Anna Petroluk, Oksana Lozynska, Chrystyna Puchkovska, Julia Lutsiv, Uliana Kiral, Julia Voloshenuk.