With the support of the NGO "Сommunity Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) for students was organized a Freemasonic quest

An active, fun and educational game on the theme of the Freemasons was attended by members of the student organization "Prozoro".

Freemasons – secret world brotherhood shrouded with secrets and riddles. During its existence the organization has left many secret symbols and signs, including in the architecture of the city. The task is to find Masonic symbols and attributes in the historical part of the city. Young people gathered on June 24, in the Market Square. Divided into five teams of 3-4, participants quickly solved the problem and found Masonic signs. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" took care of interesting tasks and cognitive routes.

"The team completed a game before the scheduled time. We are proud that the participants showed an enviable knowledge in history, culture and architecture of our city. This indicates a high intellectual level of the Lviv youth. It was the first quest, organized by the "Community Development", but not the last. We plan to continue this thematic quest as we can see that the public is interested in fun, active and informative spending of time," says the project coordinator Martha Kozytska.