The phenomenon of Ukrainian volunteer

Sociologists, historians and others, who explores the mentality of Ukrainians must deregister characteristics the fact that we have individualism. The company's priority is to solve social problems, not isolation, inefficiency, immediate environment, to achieve own self-expression or the concentration on our own problems. Events of 2014 proved it. Ukrainians, regular people, as it seemed, didn't care, teamed up and made it almost impossible. Exploded an atomic bomb, which, fortunately breaks nothing, but rather creates and builds new healthy society. This "bomb" is a volunteer movement in Ukraine that dispelled stereotype about Ukrainians “it is not my business...”
If before the events on Maidan volunteers cared mainly about vulnerable people, now volunteer activities have extended to help all the victims of the events on Maidan, the annexation of the Crimea and military operations in the East. The uniqueness of the volunteer movement is that it is a natural phenomenon with extremely good intentions in non-peaceful time for the country. None of this development were not prepared and had not planned, nothing and no one forced people to become volunteers, in addition to the Patriotic spirit, which gave him strength not to give up, to organize the collection of medicines, food, warm clothes.
What is the help of volunteers?
Volunteer work is a complex, demanding and sometimes dangerous. All remember Olesya Zhukovska, which, during the execution of the Heavenly Hundreds Heroes on Maidan, a sniper shot in the neck, and she was just a volunteer of a medical service. Fortunately, she recovered.
It has been over a year and volunteers managed to develop mechanisms for providing assistance in various public spheres:
- medical and psychological assistance;
- providing food, personal hygiene, adequate clothing;
- military equipment;
- evacuation from the ATO;
- the liberation of the Ukrainian military, search for missing people;
- assistance to internally displaced from the Donbass;
- help to the families in the area ATO;
- export of animals from the ATO by volunteer animal advocates.
This list shows that the volunteers managed to do what had to be done by the state. They from the knees rose up Ukraine that faced the enemy only in vyshyvanka (a national Ukrainian dress), but with a fighting spirit.
And how valuable is a help of Ukrainian volunteers who live abroad. Most of them are labor emigrants who left their country in search of a better life. The state does not take care of them and still can't create proper conditions for their return. But despite this, they actively send various types of assistance from all over the world.
It is worth mentioning the fact that there are so called, dishonest volunteer group of people who speculate and profit on Ukrainians. Scammers apply the same methods of assistance, and volunteers: organized people with boxes to collect money on the streets, in social networks are encouraged to transfer money to a Bank card. But charitable donations are not sent to the final destination. These people are just scammers who take advantage of people and undermine the credibility of real volunteers.
What is unique about volunteer work?
Now in Ukraine are successfully operating national and regional volunteer organizations. Last fall, was created the Association of national volunteers under the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, which included approximately 30 volunteer organizations. They take regular care of soldiers and civilians in the ATO, as well as veterans and their families. It was the volunteers make the information more transparent, so that together we can solve many problems that had fallen on our shoulders and not allowed to move to victory over the enemy.
Invaluable and phenomenal is a selfless volunteer help, because it involving both adults and children. They massively organized in after work time, raise funds to provide our troops with everything necessary, sew clothes, cook meals, students weave camouflage nets for the army, make amulets and write letters to word and support our military, which are in the East of Ukraine and in military hospitals. Volunteers who go to the ATO with the aim to deliver everything what soldiers need, to return captured or killed soldiers, risking their lives. They don't do something with the intent to obtain an order from the President or a great honor to be awarded. Their principles of kindness, honesty, responsibility and love for Ukraine won't let them. For them is enough a sincere "thank you"! I can confidently say that Ukraine will not forget their invaluable contribution and he will lead us to victory!
We appreciate you, volunteers! Therefore, the NGO "Community Development" starts a new project that will help to implement social initiatives of the city. Our team will review all proposed projects volunteers who are not indifferent to Ukraine's development and will help to implement the best ones. We invite you to the Platform of social initiatives together to make the world a better place.
Khrystyna Melekestseva