In the Theatre named after Maria Zankovetska now there is a ramp

NGO "Community Development" in the framework of the project "So different –but equal" installed a ramp in the theater.
Now people with disabilities can freely get on their favorite show. Until today this was a problem, because the theatre was not equipped for comfortable movement in a wheelchair.
  • I love art, especially I am fond of theatre. Unfortunately, the performances were infrequent. It was difficult to move around in the theater. I was very glad when learned that there is now a ramp. Already choose, what would be the performance to watch in the coming days - says Bogdan Voloshyn
"So Different – butequal" is a project in which wheelchair users themselves are trying to raise funds for the construction of ramps in public places. Special people with the help of a professional artist wrote dozens of wonderful pictures. These particular paintings are for sale and the proceeds will go towards the installation of ramps in hospitals, theatres, museums etc. The initiative has joined the wheelchairs from Truskavets, Stryi, Boryslav, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil.
Many paintings can be purchased. You can find them in four points in Lviv:
  • Garrison Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul (Theatre Street, 11).
  • "Leopolis" hotel (Theatre Street, 16).
  • "Dalar" - the restaurant of Georgian cuisine (square St. Yavorskogo, 1).
  • "Mafia" - a family restaurant (Shevchenko Avenu7, Market square, 39).
NGO installs ramps in areas where it is hardest to travel for people in wheelchairs, thus making travel around the city for people with special needs more comfortable and more convenient.

The paintings can be viewed here -