"So different –but equal" staged a creative action in Ternopil, which aims to establish ramps

In the framework of the project "So different –but equal" on November 23, children and adults with special needs painted a picture. Canvases later were put up for auction.
Ten creative individuals, who have some physical problems, gathered in the Ternopil Museum of Local Lore, to show their emotions and talents on canvas. They were helped by an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak together with co-organizer Myroslava Denysyuk.

Tried out new roles two adults in wheelchairs – Olexander and Natalia. Natalia proved that a talented person is talented in everything. She masterfully plays the violin and her melody is able to touch the deepest chords of every soul. Bright inner world the girl tried to show in a painting. Also the canvas paint five girls and three boys with the restriction of the musculoskeletal system.
After creative actions satisfied participants were treated with pizza and delicious desserts.
These special canvases on November 27, will be shown at the charity auction at the art bar "Koza" in Ternopil. Where and what ramps will be equipped, depends, from the collected amount of funds.

Recall that the project started on September 15 at prospect Shevchenko, near the monument to V. Ivasiyk. Then, under the open sky, people in wheelchairs, under the guidance of artists from art Studio "Shuchliada" reproduced with oil paints the urban landscapes of Lviv.
So special people can help themselves and feel their importance to society, and not wait for help from outside.
A lot of positive emotions received all project participants. It is always nice to learn something new, even, at first glance, so complex. Especially if you are doing it for a common goal.