The project "So different – but equal" in Novojavorivsk.

Today, on November 25, one of the projects of the NGO "Community Development" took place in Novojavorivsk, with the assistance of the local branch of the NGO.
Special two girls – Diana and Iryna agreed to try something completely new for them. First in their lives they paint on the easel. Girls with special needs painted the local Greek Catholic Church. Diana and Iryna enthusiastically filled the blank canvas with paints. Soon emerged a picture, which was fascinating. With every touch of the brush it became bigger, sharper, better.


I would never have thought that by my own hands I can create such beauty. Received a lot of positive emotions and found myself another good lesson, - says the participant of the project Iryna.

It was the overall picture for both. Each added part of their personality, character and own vision. As a result the picture turned out to be emotionally filled and interesting.


Forget about fear, draw as you feel, enjoy the process and then the picture you will see will be beautiful, - said the activist of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak who helped in the drawing.

We will remind that few days ago the project "So different – but equal" took place in Ternopil, before that the pictures were painted in Lviv. Its goal was the establishment of ramps for the proceeds drawn from the sale of paintings at a charity auction.