The finalists of the contest "Miss Lviv" along with the activists of the NGO "Community Development" embody the dreams of children from the orphanage

In the framework of the project "Platform of social initiatives", the participants of the beauty contest "Miss Lviv 2015" together with members of the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) are helping students of the Lviv children's orphanage to realize their dreams. Their aspirations and desires kids recreated in the drawings. Most of them drew a coveted profession. 

Sensual and touching, was acquaintance with the works of children, because each of them tends to grow and do good work. Someone dreams of becoming a doctor, someone to become a vet, and there's a boy who wants to be a soldier and defend our country. On the reverse side of each picture, the children wrote a short comment in which they explain why they chose that profession.

"I have a dream of becoming a veterinarian since childhood, because I really feel sorry for the animals and I love them very much" wrote the pupil of the orphanage Marichka.

The joint efforts of the activists of the "Community Development" and the participants of the beauty contest was looking for all possible ways to help kids take the first step towards their dreams. Depending on the preferred occupations for children were organized educational workshops, along with girls the children attended special schools, and some kids even visited potential jobs.

For two girls who seek to link their lives with the veterinary, beauty-contestants along with the activists of "Community Development" organized an interesting visit to one of Lviv veterinary clinics. There girls were not only told about the peculiarities of the treatment of animals, but also allowed to be present during the reception of the "patients".

The first and very important step for the implementation of the dreams of a boy who wants to become a soldier, was the visit to Lviv state Lyceum named after The Heroes Of Krut. The young defender of the Fatherland, learned many new things about the military and met with the students of the institution. Tour of the Lyceum made a good impression and helped to ensure the correct choice about the profession.

Future athletes the initiators of the project decided to invite to the best sport clubs in Lviv. For the young football fan was organized a meeting with the youth team of FC "Karpaty".

"Today, together with the coach of the youth team of football club "Karpaty Lviv", we realized the dream of a wonderful boy Volodya who dreams to become a famous footballer. We were able to give first and rather significant boost to our hero, though in the future he’ll do things he loves, work hard, and achieve good results in the future profession" - says the participant of beauty contest “Miss Lviv 2015” Karina Boychuk.

A boy, who aspires to be a boxer, was invited to a sports club "Legion". As it turned out, the boy has good athletic skills and a natural talent for Boxing. Seeing his skill, kids coach asked the boy not only to join the club, but also to participate in the next sports activities.

Besides sports the children from the orphanage showed interest in the arts, namely painting. For the young artist activists organized a master class in the art Studio "Shuhliada". Following the advice of the artist Studio Vasilia Maletycha, boy for a half hour drew a picture. The little master and the artist-mentor were happy with the result.

Practice the coveted business of life got a chance the young man who decided to become a pastry chef. To participate in the preparation of sweet Goodies invited him to the pastry shop restaurant Fashion Club. Confectioners shared with boy recipes of desserts and their preparation. The skills and heard recommendations will definitely come in handy for a young pastry chef.

"It was very nice to see the happy faces of kids, who not only took part in interesting activities, but also become closer to their dreams. This year we began collaboration with the beauty contest "Miss Lviv" and we are very happy, after all the beautiful girls and we strive to make life better" - says the project coordinator of the NGO "Community Development" Chrystyna Bolinovska.

We will remind that activists of "Community Development" together with other participants of the project “Miss good heart” implement another social project called "Doves of peace". This charity event aims to raise funds for the purchase of a projector for the children of Lviv orphanage.