Platform of social initiatives - project for active people

Good begins with each of us and only we can make our world better. NGO "Community Development" starts a new project that will help to implement social initiatives of the city.
On a platform of social initiatives will meet the people who care about the development of Ukraine.

So if you know how:
  • To make your town more comfortable
  • To help the elderly and disabled
  • To realize art projects
  • To support the Ukrainian army
  • To promote sports and a healthy lifestyle
  • To solve environmental problems in the city
  • To disseminate and popularize Ukrainian in the world
  • To implement necessary initiatives in the city
To become a participant of the Platform of social initiatives you need to fill the form on the website, to describe a social project that you want to implement. Our team will review all proposed projects and will help to realize the best.

As a participant if the Platform of social initiatives you will be able to:

  • To implement a social project
  • Free access to interesting training and education
  • Spending leisure time with other volunteers
To exchange experience with foreign volunteers

Hurry up, be the first one to implement your social project for the sake of Ukraine!

The Form of the social project