Contestants of “Miss Lviv” together with activists of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) implemented large-scale social project

On June 16, in the premises of the Lviv National Academic Opera and ballet theatre named after Solomiya Krushelnytska hosted the annual beauty contest "Miss Lviv 2015".

This year, citizens were choosing between fourteen beauties. The contest "Miss Lviv" has long ceased to be an ordinary beauty contest. In addition to the main beauty of the holiday, members of the jury chose also Miss Kind Heart. This important title has won just two of the beautiful Catherine Babiy and Karina Boychuk. They manifested themselves in social projects, which the participants of the contest implemented together with activists of "Community Development".

"The beauty today is not enough. So we try to pay more attention to social projects, because we want to be useful for the country", –said the Director of the beauty contest "Miss Lviv" Valeria Nykyforets.

During the preparation for a competition the girls visited children with cancer, were in nursing homes, residential care facilities, participated in the cleanup, but a particularly noteworthy initiative which contestants implemented jointly with the NGO "Community Development" -  was the project "give the dream to a child". The girls spent a number of motivational trainings - talked about the dreams and possibilities of realization of dreams, telling stories about real people from children's homes, assured the children that no matter what succeeded. Their aspirations and desires of the children depicted in the drawings, most of them drew a coveted profession.

Contestants of "Miss Lviv together with activists of the NGO "Community Development" has done everything possible to bring the children from the orphanage to the realization of their dreams of the future profession. Together they have made great efforts to help these children to succeed.

Also in order to give to an orphanage a projector for educational films, the participants of “Miss Lviv” together with activists of "Community Development" came for a charity event "Doves of peace". The beauty and grace, of the contestants attracted the attention of passers-by and gave them hand-made white doves, which symbolize peace. Those, in turn, leave their donations in the box of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development". All collected on this day money the participants of the action used for the purchase of a projector for the children's orphanage, which was pleased to the children on the stage of the Opera house.