The record of Ukraine which was dedicated to the “Vyshyvanka's Day” was set in Lviv

To the Vshyvanka's Day the record of Ukraine was set in Lviv - a grandiose mega-pie, the length of which was about 16 meters.

Today, on the 18th of May, the Ukrainian embroidered beauty concentrated in Lviv city center. Hundreds of citizens and guests watched the festive event. The concert, a fashion show with contestants of Miss Lviv 2017, hopak, embroidered huge map of Ukraine, a variety of workshops and record of Ukraine setting - the largest pie called “Embroidery” were prepared. All that stuff was brought by activists of the NGO “Community Development”, the Regional Union of Social Protection of ATO soldiers and families of killed and the NGO “Patriot”.

Thanks to all the organizers on behalf of the National Register of Records of Ukraine for such a good event. The Vyshyvanka's Day is celebrated worldwide. Vyshyvanka is our genetic code. I have the honor to be in Lviv today and see this extraordinary event, which is nominated for record of Ukraine and I solemnly declare that organizers of the event, the NGO Community Development did it's best. Today, they set a record in the category: the biggest pie that looks like an embroidered towel, which is 16 meters 15 cm long and 52 cm wide. The new record of Ukraine is set - says Lana Vietrova, the representative of the National Register of Records of Ukraine.

The tasty record consists of sponge cakes, buttercream “Glyase” with dried apricots. This masterpiece weighs up 157, 5 kg. It was created by whole day working professionals.

I am very happy that the NGO “Community Development” succeeded with the event. Next year we will try to surprise you even more and I hope that a number of people who celebrate the “Vyshyvanka's Day” will increase. And of course, I invite all people to try a pie which looks like an embroidered towel, it is delicious and every centimeter of the ornament is edible - says Oksana Maruniak, the head of the NGO “Community Development”.

After the record setting, the organizers arranged a charity treating. The record pie was dismantled in 20 minutes.