Famous Lviv citizens cleaned up the dirtiest area of Lviv

On the 23rd of June, active public figures and representatives of the Lviv media decided to clean up one of the dirtiest places in Lviv which is situated on the Warsaw street.

The difference between this action and the action which was organized by residents is that it was sorted in the process of garbage collection. In addition, all collected garbage bags were transported to one of the Lviv region landfills. Finally, the disinfection of the cleaned area was conducted.

Thus, it was demonstrated that the community can not only care about the city but also organize processes which are not in the power of local government.

 Among the participants and organizers of the action were the NGO  “Community Development”, the “RIA Ukraina” magazine, the “Lviv  policy” magazine, the “Clean country” association, journalists of the  radio “Galychyna”,  Information Agencies “Varianty” and “GalInfo”,  the “NTA” channel, “Pravda.tut” channel, the website 032.ua,  participants of the Miss Lviv contest, the Sport Complex “Legion”,  boxers of the Kotelnyk school, businessmen Oleg Baliash,  Oleksandr Veremeyenko and Roman Loboda, Oleksandr Zalievskyi,  the general director of the “Grinko Zahid”,  the “Sankom Lviv”.

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