The “Vyshyvanka day” 2017

The NGO Community Development” is going to delight you.

For the first time in Ukraine, there will be baked a 16 meters long pie, which is called  Vyshyvanka. A month of focused praise of Ukrainians will make all of us proud of the achievements of our nation.

If one day you see that all people are dressed in embroidered shirts, you should know - this day has come ... The “Vyshyvanka day” - an annual festival of every Ukrainian, lover of fine, fashionable and stylish things. On the 18th of May, when you wear an embroidered shirt, it means that we are unbroken and indestructible, with strong body and spirit, we know own history and respect our traditions. Ukrainian embroidery is a global brand!
We are waiting for all people in the city center on the festive program, which would be prepared by the NGO “Community Development”, Lviv Regional Association of ATO soldiers and victims’ families Social Protection and the charity foundation “Patriot”.

The giant pie “Vyshyvanka” - outdoors on the square in front of the monument of Taras Shevchenko.
The Ukraine Champions surprised with their achievements, sophistication, strength, perseverance and incredible scale. We combine unusual and native symbols in one record of Ukraine - the 16 meters long pie, which looks like an embroidered towel, the taste of which anyone can appreciate.
For a long period of time, Lviv is considered to be a center of Ukrainian culture. We want to prove again that our city cares and popularizes cultural heritage. Lviv has got another achievement that will draw attention to the beauty of Ukrainian embroidery. Also, it is pleasant when our record will not only look beautiful, but also delight the taste buds of people passing by.

We invited Lev Skop, a famous Lviv iconographer.
Have you ever seen on the city streets a bearded man with deep blue eyes who wears an embroidered shirt? It is possible that it was Lev Skop. The iconographer from Drohobych, who has already become a symbol of the Revolution of  Dignity. In times of the revolution, Levko Skop raised the Ukrainian spirit with his unique icons.


On the 18th of May, Lviv citizens will be able to communicate with Levko Skop in the city center. The iconographer together with the other people will paint guitars for the soldiers of ATO.

Film Heritage of the Nation”.
During May, in Lviv schools we will show children a film “Heritage of the Nation”, the slogan of which is “to embroider in order to survive.” The film seamlessly interlaces two plot lines. The first one - ethnographic - shows the incredible diversity of unique ornaments and embroidery techniques that depend on the region, the shirt comes from. The second one is a story of people whose lives were changed with embroidery - saved, united, became a symbol of disobedience and often of the last hope.
The Lviv ethnographers will add up to the effect of the film and tell students everything about embroidery: the meaning of the patterns, embroidery techniques, the history of the Ukrainian embroidery and many other interesting things.


Competition between Lviv schools.
The NGO “Community Development” organizes a competition between Lviv schools which is called “Motives of the embroidery”. Educational institutions will compete in best decoration of the school yard. Participants of the contest will fight for a video projector, a microscope and a set of sports balls.
Children are our future. Since school years we try to show that Ukrainian things are branded, fashionable and stylish. The embroidered shirt is a new fashion trend, it is recognized worldwide. On the 18th of May, the embroidered shirt will become the main attribute of the holiday.

Flashmob in the “Na valakh” park near LRA.
With music, children and students will decorate trees with ribbons which include embroidered elements. Each Lviv citizen walking down the park, where trees are decorated with national symbols, will feel the festive atmosphere. Perhaps, trees, worn in embroidered shirts will make people want to be dressed in traditional Ukrainian clothes on this day too.

Charity party at the restaurant “Maestro”.
The compulsory dress code is embroidered clothes in the Ukrainian style. Guests will find there a cossack table, different competitions, a paper show, disco ... Activists will gather talented artists who will make an unforgettable evening of May 18th.
Activists of the NGO “Community Development” will direct the profit from the sold tickets to social projects. In addition, we give an opportunity to Lviv citizens of different ages to have fun.


Moreover, that's not all the entertaining events we have prepared for you!

On the 18th of May, on the “Vyshyvanka Day”, be unique and beautiful and come to work, school, university or kindergarten wearing embroidered festive garment. Let's show that Ukrainians revere their ancestors and traditions by which we are invincible!