“Community Development” opened the seventh “Corner of Goodness” in Lviv region

On the 22nd of June, activists of the NGO “Community Development” with the support of the program “Active Citizens” of the British Council solemnly opened another “Corner of Goodness” in Lviv. The new playroom was arranged in the nephrology department of the Lviv City Children's Hospital.


Solemnly, with the ribbon cutting, with balloons and with a fun duo “VlaTar” the new playroom opening took place. The activists are convinced that positive emotions that children get at the lessons in the “Corner of Goodness”, a sincere laughter are also a part of the treatment.

Children, who are on the treatment, experience some stress and emotional exhaustion. The “Corner of Goodness” is a necessary thing for children's hospitals, because here children can relax, communicate with other and remember their stay in the hospital not so negative, - said Marta Sekunda, the head of the nephrology department of the Lviv City Children's Hospital.


This is the seventh “Corner of Goodness” which is created as a part of the same named social project. Last year, the NGO “Community Development” opened two playrooms in other departments of the Lviv City Children's Hospital, at the Children's Department of the Novoyavorivsk Hospital and in the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center.


The “Corner of Goodness” is a special place in the hospital. We paint the walls with funny drawings, choose furniture and toys so that children will like it. We also took into consideration the suggestions of parents to make this playroom multifunctional and safe and to use it for educational and developmental lessons, - said Mariya Vahila, the head of the NGO “Community Development”.

The activists of the Briukhovychi branch of the NGO “Community Development” are going to open another playroom in the ophthalmologic department of the regional hospital “Okhmatdyt” soon.