The playroom will be organized for young patients in the city's Children Hospital

As a part of the project “Corner of Goodness”, the NGO “Community Development” with a support of the program “Active Citizens” by British Council is going to arrange a playroom for hospitalized children in a Nephrology department of Lviv Children Hospital.
Last year, the NGO “Community Development” opened two playrooms in other departments of the Lviv Children Hospital, in the children department of the Novoyavorivsk hospital and in the Western Ukrainian children medical center.

This year, according to the important social component of the project which promotes children communication and cohesion who are on rehabilitation in hospitals and children’ rapid recovery, the British Council provided a financial support for the arranging another one “Corner of Goodness.”

The representatives of the NGO “Community Development” has agreed with the management of the department the working plan of arranging the “Corner of Goodness”. Also, parents' proposals to use this playroom for conducting educational and entertaining lessons, to make it multifunctional and safe were taken into consideration. The opening of the “Corner of Goodness” will take place no later than in three weeks with the participation of patients and their parents, animators, hospital managers and media.