Bubble festival took place in the “Corner of Goodness”

On the 15th of March members of the NGO Community Development together with the duo VlaTar visited the Chornobyl hospital. Activists entertained and amused the kids and tried to make their day a little brighter.
Interesting amusement, bubbles, colored balloons and dressed VlaTar created a funny atmosphere in the Chornobyl Children's Hospital in Lviv. Laughter is a great medicine, which produces endorphins - hormones of happiness. They help to get rid of anger and sadness. Even if a person can simply imagine how they laughed recently, their mood will improve. Activists of the NGO treated young patients with this medicine.

Every day these children undergo uncomfortable procedures in the hospital. Today it is their reality. We organize entertainment in the “Corner of  Goodness” to make this reality filled with colors, help children to understand that life is beautiful. A patient’s everyday life is only a short period that they need to pass on the way to cheerful moments - says Viktoriya, a member of the NGO “Community Development”.

“Corner of Goodness” is a special room in children's hospitals. It is a place where children come to have a mental rest. There kids can talk, play, watch cartoons, and in this way they are able to forget for a while about unpleasant procedures.

Clowns visited us today, they were so funny. Moreover, they did a huge bubble around us. Just in the middle of the room I was standing inside the bubble - it was very cool. Today that was a nice day and I would like that holidays like these to be conducted more often - said Darynka, the hospital’s patient.