The project "Help your neighbour" continues to support people of Lviv

The list of those who need help continues to grow: this month, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" has helped twenty families. Aid transferred from the Diaspora in Los Angeles and Italy, besides NGO "Bili Berety" gave a medical food for the military.
For more than six months is valid a social project "Help your neighbour" in which Lviv citizens in need can receive the help they need - clothes, food, appliances and everything that can share each of us.
  • Every month to NGO "Community Development" people come asking for help, and we do our best to fulfill their request. Very nice to see the gratitude of those people, to understand that our work is not useless, - said the coordinator of the project Nazar Bai.

To join the project "Help your neighbour" and to do good works, can everyone.
Recall that the project is still active in two churches in Lviv – the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Str. Ivana Franka, 56) and the Church of Saints Kyryl and Methodius (Str. Uhorska, 1). In the future we hope to scope in this project and other churches.
Also you can bring your gifts for the needy in the office of the NGO "Community Development" (Shevchenko Avenue7, office, 27).