Lions, meerkats and porcupines from the “Limpopo Zoo” met kids from the boarding school

The long-awaited day for kids - a trip to the famous “Limpopo Zoo” has came. Pupils from the Lviv Orphanage №1 went on the excursion. In fact, on the doorstep of the institution, where kids waited politely for the bus, it was possible to hear shouts of joy: kids recognized the activists from the NGO "Community Development", who sometimes arrange real holidays for them.


All the way, children watched the landscape through the window and commented what they saw. “Here's a cow, here's a grove and here's a poppy field.” It was nice to hear their voices and laughter.

During the trip kids tried to be useful to their adult friends from the NGO “Community Development.” Artur carried a tripod for the camera and didn't give it to anybody. Arsen seized the hand of his friend Andriy Yaroslavovych and held it till the end of the excursion. Darynka gently hugged Olesia behind her neck.

In the zoo children saw lions, lynxes, meerkats, porcupines, monkeys, raccoons, parrots and other unusual animals.
The children looked at the animals which are in the cages, and animals looked at the children too. Both look similar to each other with something.  They are deprived with an opportunity to have a normal life. The spontaneous hostages looked at each other from the both sides of the iron cages...

Everyone has the right to have happiness from the birth. But sometimes the fortune forces us to suffer on the way to the happiness. Moreover, it is very sad when such  little children have to face these challenges. We wish them more joy, like that small trip to the “Limpopo” Zoo, but frequent and vivid.


See you later, kids!

The activists of the NGO “Community Development” together with the same named charity fund are going to organize a new trip.
Special thanks for the support in the excursion organization for children from Lviv orphanage №1:
Lviv Regional State Administration,
the “Limpopo” Zoo,
the cafe-bakery “”