In the "Corner of Goodness" was held a master class on making Easter eggs

Very soon will be the biggest Christian holiday – Easter. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" decided to give a little holiday mood to the children of Chornobyl hospital.
Fascinating master-class on painting of Easter attributes of patients of the neurological Department held the children's school of folk arts.
Young artists very responsibly approached the case. They skillfully draws the patterns on Easter eggs, putting in each a unique meaning.

Colorful fun is not indifferent to parents and they enthusiastically helped their children, and sincerely happy with their success.
Every young artist was able to take his Easter egg home.

Special thanks to the children's school of folk arts for the continuous support of the project and assistance in organization of leisure for children.
We will remind, "Corner of Goodness" is a special place – a room where the child has the opportunity to carry out leisure and get away from hospital care. Today will be held the opening of a second area in the Lviv Children's Clinical Hospital in the street Pylypa Orlyka 4.