NGO "Community Development" continued arrangement of "Corners of goodness"

Social project "Corner of goodness" is starting to gain momentum. The first "Corner of goodness" has recently opened in the Chornobyl Hospital, and the second is already complete to equip.
Following the recent successful introduction of a kind of room for fun and learning in the Chornobyl Hospital activists of NGO "Community Development" continued the social initiative in the City Clinical Hospital on the street Pylyp Orlyk, 4. To the clinic already was delivered furniture, and soon will be arranged a fun evening for kids.
On March 31, was held the opening of the first "Corner of goodness" at the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Center (st. Dnisterska, 27).
Special thanks to the companies that have joined the initiative:
  • "Rali-kom"
  • "In-Var"
  • "Gryfon"
  • "Vifa proect-Bud"
  • "Mebli Styl"
  • "Vse dlia Mevliv"
  • "Urbino"
We, and especially kids, are grateful to all our patrons who help in the arrangement of the rooms.