The second "Corner of Goodness" is already on the verge of opening

Yesterday, the children along with activists of NGO "Community Development" painted and made up puzzles in the Lviv City Children's Clinical Hospital.
Soon the "Community Development" will open the second "Corner of Goodness" in the Lviv Children's Clinical Hospital in the street Pylypa Orlyka 4.
  • The project "Corner of Goodness" was created in order to make children's stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. This room will allow them a little fun after the unpleasant procedures. Also every week we try to organize interesting leisure activities and games for kids, - says Svitlana Overko, the activist of NGO which helps to implement the project.
The children were delighted with this leisure time and did not want to say goodbye to the activists. Making mosaics has become for them a very interesting toy.
  • For me to stay in the hospital is very boring. I was so comforted when I was called into a game room. It is a pity that time has passed so quickly and we had to finish. I'm already excited for next week, - said Marichka
Recall that the "Community Development" has opened the first "Corner of Goodness" in Chornobyl Hospital.
Other "Corner of Goodness"still need to be prepared, and held with kids master classes and educational games. We call for patrons, sponsors , professionals working with children and all concerned to join the project.