The presents from the other assistants of the Miracle Worker

Other assistants of the Miracle Worker responded.

We thank " Auchan Pivdennyi " for the provided diapers, household chemicals, toys and personal hygiene products.


Traditionally, for the New Year and Christmas holidays, the NGO and CF «Rozvytok Hromady» turns into a real residence of the Wonderworker.

Now, during a full-scale invasion of the occupiers, all efforts are going to the frontline, but let's not forget to do good for those who need it most.

The plan is to give the children from the Training and Rehabilitation Center physics and chemistry room, which is already under renovation. Of course, we will also visit children in orphanages and needy.

If you want to help - call: 096-467-22-26 (Andrii)

#StNicholasRozvytok2022 #CreatingGoodTogether!