St. Nicholas visited the children from Yosypovytsia preschool "Vyshenka"

Traditionally, for the New Year and Christmas holidays, the NGO and CF "Rozvytok Hromady" turns into a real residence of the Wonderworker. Within the St. Nicholas marathon, our activists together with the representatives of Auchan congratulated on the holiday and gave gifts to preschool children from the "Yosypovytsia preschool educational institution "Vyshenka".

Young pupils received sweets, fruits, gingerbread, different toys, diapers, and most importantly, attention and belief in miracles. Children from Yosypovytsia preschool "Vyshenka" are in 24-hour care, as their families have difficult life circumstances. We are glad that we kindled warmth in their hearts and gave them a little care.

Now, during a full-scale invasion of the occupiers, all efforts are going to the frontline, but little boys and girls from boarding schools, training and rehabilitation centers and large families of Lviv Oblast despite victory, also, are waiting for a miracle. They diligently spend the year, because they know St. Nicholas sees everything and will reward them for their efforts. So thank everyone who helps.

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