Summer camp for the children of the ATO heroes is opened

The healing summer vacation was organized for children by the NGO Community Development in the magnificent complex Layar in Khyriv. On the 11th of June, 14 children arrived on the vacation. In general 3 arrivals are planned.

The camp gathered children which have a common grief - the loss of one of the closest people. Every new day kids will start with exercises. Then they are engaged in different developing and funny games, they swim in the pool or walk in the park. The program was designed to create positive memories and emotions for children.

The organizers, the NGO “Community Development”, charity foundations “Sumna Kvitka” and “Community Development”, Lviv Regional Association of Social Protection of ATO soldiers and victims families, sincerely hope that this trip will bring for kids pleasant emotions, new friends and inspiration to new achievements. It will help to psychologically rehabilitate and raise the spirit.


I was looking forward to the opening of the camp. I knew that all we would have fun together. In addition, it is very nice here, there are a swimming pool and a park. Almost all time we spend outdoors, play different games, - says Veronika, the participant of the camp. - The whole day is full and active.


On the 13 of June funny and witty animators - the duo “VlaTar”  visited children in the camp. The bubble show, cotton candies,  games - all these things are to help children to relax and play a lot.  Happy children together sang, including the national anthem of  Ukraine, the anthem “Sokoliata”, carried the flag and recited poems.  Killed ATO Heroes were remembered with a compulsory minute of  silence.

Every day I look at these little eyes, and I am very pleased that we managed to arrange this camp. After all, I see kids being happy here. The main purpose of our trip is to see smiles of kids, so we reached it. Thank you to all the benefactors and partners, with the assistance of which we realized this project, - says Victoria, an activist of the NGO “Community Development”.


The NGO and CF “Community Development” express their gratitude for the financial support to Igor Nazarkevych, Andriy Lopushanskyi and other partners for cooperation and the possibility of the project realization.