A day of beauty for women with special needs in Lviv

On August 26, the participants of NGO"Community Development" organized for girls with special needs a Day of Beauty in the framework of the project "Femininity without borders.

A woman is always beautiful, gentle and charming. Each representative of the beautiful half wants to feel beautiful. Small beauty rituals gave activists for the seven participants of the project "Femininity without borders.
Since this morning to the girls were gaven a good mood and stylish make-up. Olga Tokarenko, a professional makeup artist has created a beautiful and unforgettable looks. At the Barber's "Modna Liniya" for women made stylish hairstyles that emphasized their femininity and beauty. It is true that a woman who feels beautiful, is "Glowing" from inside. Indeed, the eyes of the participants shined with delight.
  • To help people and make them happy - very cool. Today was held a fashion day and a photo shoot for girls with special needs. I clearly saw that the stroller is not an obstacle to happiness. These women are beautiful. They already glow from the inside. And are still proud of our team who worked smoothly and fruitfully, - shared her impressions Oksana Maruniak, the Chairman of the NGO "Community Development".


Further, women dressed in elegant dresses from the salon "Aktuel". Participants of the project looked adorable in the new clothes, so the store owner made them a present and gave to the women outfits. Inspired by the new looks, girls relaxed on the photo session in Stryiskyi Park. Professional photo made Nadiya Sobchuk, Olena Cherninka and Julia Lutsiv.

The results are impressive, aren’t they?
The Day of Beauty ended at the restaurant "Delice". The institution gave women a delicious dinner. In a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, participants shared their pleasant experiences. Without a doubt, this day will be remembered to everyone and certainly will bring the ladies new acquaintances and friends.
  • "Today was a great day. I felt like a real beauty. Thank you to all the people who joined the organization of such a wonderful day. You made me happy" - said one of the participants of the project.

We will remind that the social project "Femininity without borders” successfully operating since July last year. During this time the participants had organized Days of Beauty not only in Lviv, but also in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Odessa and other Ukrainian cities.
Now the organizers want to expand the project, to help special women with training and employment, to realize their dreams, like flying in a balloon, for example, and also to help them as future mothers.