Athletes if the SC "Legion" continue winning in various competitions

This time, the representative of the "Legion" - Andriy Yakymovych became the winner in workout competitions.

According to the Day of the Ukrainian Defender, on the 14th of October, the open competitions in Street workout "CLOSING SEASON" took place in Novograd-Volynskyi. In the nomination Freestyle + Battle, the first place was taken by the "legionnaire" - Andriy Yakymovych. We congratulate the guy with another sports achievement. In general, 10 athletes from all over Ukraine demonstrated their skills and abilities. Lviv was presented by participants of the SC "Legion".

"Our guys always train and improve, this is why they conquer the sports Olympus confidently. This is not the first time Andriy achieves victory and, I hope, he will continue doing it in the future, because he is very strong, full of excitement and inspiration,"- says Roman Tsygylyk, a co-founder of SC "Legion".

Let us recall that Oleg Senchenko, Ukraine's vice-champion in Pankration, and Ukrainian Junior Champion in MMA has made his debut in the MMA Pro Ukraine 13 tournament recently.