In the framework of the project NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”), "So different – but equal" persons with disabilities have painted six paintings

On October 9, 2015 NGO "Community Development" has launched the project of drawing pictures in the framework of the project "So different – but equal". It was held in Lviv Interregional Centre of social-labour, professional and medical rehabilitation of the disabled.
With the assistance of the founder of art Studio "Shuchliada" Oksana Vityuk to the rehabilitation center was delivered canvases for future art masterpieces. Also Oksana has invited her friend, the artist Oksana Kniazevska, which helped disabled people to conjure a brush and gave useful tips on fine arts.

All participants of the event were delighted with the work and focused worked for four hours.

"In the project I was involved not for the first time. Really like to draw. Today's master class has enriched my knowledge and skills, I attentively listened to Mrs. Oksana, –enthusiastically said the participant of the project Karyna Ayrapetian. – I wish my picture will be brought to France after the auction. It would be great, if once it will be near the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci " – dreams Karyna.

Recall that the first pilot action of the project "So different – butequal" took place on September 15 at prospect Shevchenko, near the monument to V. Vasiuku. Then, under the open sky, people in wheelchairs, under the guidance of artists from art Studio "Shuhliada" painted with oil paints the urban landscape of the city. This canvas, as well as all others, which will paint people with disabilities within the project "So different –but equal" will be sold at auction until the Day of Charity, on the fourth of December. Proceeds will go toward the installation of ramps in Lviv.
We remind you that the picture "Miskyi Pejzazh Lvova" can be seen and purchased at the restaurant "Mafia" on Shevchenko Avenue.