"Femininity without borders" took place in Novoyavorivsk

Extremely successful project of the NGO "Community Development" captured the positive attention of women in wheelchairs in a small town.

Although, people with disabilities, who wanted to participate in the project were not so many, but nevertheless, the celebration of beauty and femininity was as always leisurely, beautiful and very soulful. The day started at the salon "Modern", where to women were made an evening make-up and hairstyles.

Diana is beautiful and, indeed, a king, a restrained and confident woman, working as a biology teacher in high school. We drove by and all the kids in the schoolyard excitedly greeted her. Apparently, kids love their teacher, who for eight years every day traveled on her own in a wheelchair eight miles in the morning and the same in the evening!

Kateryna – extremal, even now, unable to walk, but can easily drive fast on the ATV. She is a happy woman and mother no matter what!

- I really like it, - said Iryna, one of the participants of the project. Her hair is very long; with her the master works most of the time. – I have long dreamed of such a beautiful view. Thanks to the people that came up with this project.

Ira works in the children's store, but she is studying to be a psychologist and is already looking for a job in the specialty. Although, it is recognized that in Novoyavorivsk to find a job is not so easy.

To participate in the project involved not only the local branch of the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”), but also activists from the Central office, which brought the writer, the hero of one of the novels which also happened to be in a wheelchair.

When we said goodbye in the evening at the restaurant "Feeriya", where we were hospitably received after an eventful day, everyone was tired with the long hours of socializing, but very inspired for the future. Diana wore metallic biker gloves, which impressed everyone. And another thought: many people ought to learn from these women, optimism, assertiveness and confidence.

Nika Nikaleo journalist, writer