About us

Pro-European NGO. Professional team: professional, honest people
The NGO "Community Development" is a team of highly professional people who guard the public interests and actively contribute to the construction of a legal European state with democratic and Christian values. Among more than 100 active members, there are successful lawyers, attorneys, athletes, programmers, artists... All of them are united around the idea of creating and building a powerful civil society in Ukraine. This means that the circle of their interests extends not only to the life-giving, educated community, but, above all, to the current government, which should be controlled and accountable to the same community as well as to interact with the latter. All attempts and assertions, beliefs and demands the NGO "Community Development" leads only and exclusively within the legal framework, demonstrating the example of a new, pro-European and democratic force in Ukraine.
The NGO was created in 2008 and the events of 2014 on the Maidan became a catalyst for its rapid development and inclusion in the revolutionary processes, which in an instant united people of different social status and common aspirations and ideals. Since then, the process of defending the rights and interests of ordinary Ukrainians has become the main principle of "Community Development" activities.
Illegal buildings, the rights of families of the victims and ATO soldiers, assistance to the disabled and lonely pensioners, charitable activities, leisure and development of children of social strata of the population – this is just a small list of what the NGO deals with today.
It is known that it is easier to create good together, and, therefore, other NGOs and associations join the activities of "Community Development".
The NGO's activities are supported by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the NGO, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chairman of the eponymous Charitable foundation O.V. Veremeyenko, as well as those self-sufficient members, working as lawyers, programmers, entrepreneurs or artists and writers, who are able to support various projects and charitable initiatives of the organization.
This list is constantly supplemented by new members and ideological friends of the NGO "Community Development". Any other speculation or association of the NGO's activities with odious persons or organizations is considered shameful slander and entails legal responsibility.