Yavoriv Department of NGO "Community Development"

The head of the Department is Paslavskyi Vitaliy, education - lawyer

Participants: NataliaKoval, 22 years old, higher education, specialization: sociologist and management of educational institution; Solomiya Mykytyn, 19 years old, incomplete higher education, specialization in tourism; Irina Bovt, 23 years, education-higher, specialty - Enterprise Economics.
Yavoriv Department started its work on 24 August 2015.

The main activity of the Department - children and people with special needs

Implemented projects: the Celebration of Independence Day, called "draw the future of your country", "Femininity without borders", "So different –but equal", swimming pool for children of participants of ATO, orphans on a regular basis, Day of memory of Heavenly Hundred, the 8th of March.
Novoyavorivsk, str. St. Bandera 1, tel. (068) 963 95 73