Project “Femininity without borders” provides friendly communication

Members of the Yavoriv branch of the NGO Community Development organized a holiday for disabled women in Perlyna restaurant. The girls were relaxing in cozy restaurant's atmosphere,  while having a conversation, and forgot about their daily routine for a moment.

The “Perlyna” restaurant pleased project participants with tasty desserts and aromatic coffee. Disabled women actually become hostages to their homes. Because of the special needs, girls can not go out every day. Conversations with other women give them an opportunity to talk about their problems, be open to the world and feel themselves a part of society.

“We had a good time, got nice impressions and emotions. That event provided an opportunity for women to feel confident and open up. We hope that our project added some droplets of joy to the lives of these beautiful ladies. We would try to do our best for them in the future,” - says a member of the Yavoriv branch of the NGO “Community Development”.

Let us recall that the project “Femininity without borders” is a social project of the NGO “Community Development”. Members of the NGO organize the “Day of Beauty” for girls by creating a beautiful image: hair, makeup and clothes for women. They conduct photo shooting and dinner. Activists talk with project participants, get to know women’s wishes and dreams, and then try to realize them in real life.