The hero’s child was congratulated on his birthday in Stryi

Participants of Stryi branch of the NGO Community Development in the scope of a project Gift for the heros child visited the family of killed Mykola Shtynda, the ATO soldier. The boy received some gifts.


Activists congratulated Vasil, a fourteen-year-old boy, a son of the ATO soldier, on a birthday occasion. In warm and friendly atmosphere, NGO members talked with Natalia, a wife of the hero who shared memories of her husband, said how he died defending his homeland and how she lives with two children without him. In turn, activists promised to continue supporting the family and help Vasil to buy a helmet and boxing gloves to attend a new sports group, which he recently started.

Let us recall that a social project “Gift for the hero’s child” was created to ensure that many children whose father died in ATO received gifts on their birthdays. By receiving gifts and attention, the child understands that there are care and memory about him or her coming not only from family, but also from other people.