The pupils of the 104-th school watched "the Little Prince"

Today, six pupils of the Lviv specialized boarding school No. 104 watched the cartoon "the Little Prince" in "Kinopalats"
Cartoon based on the world-famous eponymous book by A. Exupery received a new vision. It talks about a girl who has no time for a summer of entertainment and leisure, because it is not provided in the detailed plan of her mother who wants her child to have a better future. However, adjustments to the schedule made new neighbor – the Aviator, which told her stories about the travels of the Little Prince.
A lot of positive emotions and pleasant impressions children received from this cartoon. 3D, big screen, surround sound, bright picture – everything is new and interesting. The young audience readily shared their experiences with an activist of the NGO "Community Development", the project's curator.
  • I was dreaming about going to the cinema, even wrote about it in a letter to St. Nicholas. And behold, my wish came true even sooner than I expected, -happily said Nastya.
  • Project "Day of the Young Spectator" is gaining momentum. So nice to see genuine sincere emotions, to give them a few hours of positive moments. We plan to continue to delight children with watching movies, commented NazarRomaniv.
We will remind that it already the fourth group of children, for which activists of "Community Development" organize such leisure.