Activists bought the necessary equipment for Ivano-Frankivsk hospital

As a part of the project “Make wishes of a seriously ill child true” the activists of Ivano-Frankivsk branch of the NGO “Community Development” purchased an infusomat HEACO SN-1600V.

The price of the infusomat with a discount is 22 200 UAH. The NGO members bought it with help of the patron Oleksandr Vovchuk.
An infusomat is an electronically controlled infusion pump for intensive therapy and anesthesia. A special precision of these devices makes the procedure safe. The price of one infusomat is about 20-25 000 hryvnias. These machines operate during all day and at the same time about 15-20 children have a need in them.

Let us recall that in 2016 the activists together with patrons managed to repair 4 infusomats.