Zhytomyr – is the seventh city in which the NGO "Community Development" organizes the celebration of beauty

On November 12, seven girls with special needs, felt themselves real beauties thanks to the joint efforts of the NGO "Community Development" and Zhytomyr organization – "I am mother!".
The aim of the project "Femininity without borders" is to break down stereotypes and to show that the woman in the wheelchair is not a death sentence, but just more subtle scent of femininity that you need to properly recognize and disclose. They require attention and a comprehensive understanding that they are beautiful, elegant, lovely and graceful.
For women who feel restricted in society, with the shortcomings of the health, every day becomes routine, drab, in four walls, like the previous one. They rarely come to people and not indulge in beauty salons. NGO "Community Development" and Zhytomyr organization – "I am mother!" decided to introduce amendments in the plans for the girls, and they organized a day full of femininity.
Seven professional makeup artists and hairdressers, created images for these unearthly beauties, and photographers staged a racy photo shoot in the Ukrainian style. Also happy beauties got a lot of gifts and a master class from a representative of Mary Kay.

To maintain a good mood and to satisfy all needs of the participants came Zhytomyr’s restaurateurs. So, the staff of the restaurant "Korchma" not only suggested for the photo shoot the interior of their establishment, but also organized for beautiful Ukrainian girls warm and friendly gatherings.
At the end of the day wizards from the Lviv chocolate workshop accomplish a secret childhood dreams of participants. Beauties not only learned how to create their own chocolate masterpieces, but also had the opportunity to taste many varieties of sweets.
Unbeatable holiday, girl happy, positive emotions and happiness on the faces of beauties is exactly what we wanted to see every day, not just in the selected range of dates.
The project "Femininity without borders" has made girls from seven cities happier: Lviv, Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Odessa and Zhytomyr.