To Valentine's day girl with special needs became a real beauty

Activists of the NGO "Community Development" in the framework of the project "Femininity without borders" arranged for girl in a wheel chair a beauty session. She was invited to a beauty salon and she was given nice gifts.
For beauty was made a fashionable haircut, colored hair and made a makeup. After that, the girl had a photo session and gave an invitation to a party-meeting for people in wheelchairs.

From childhood we were taught that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap, and people are always wary of the fact that they receive the gift. But in this unfair life there are people who want to do something nice without any conditions. They make a real feast for the soul, and when in the process they see that a man is laid out on a hundred, then we belief in the best. Such people: they and valuable. I bow to the masters who worked on me, thank you for the homely atmosphere and boundless warmth, says a girl in a wheelchair.

A girl in a wheelchair Karina Ayrapetyan is a permanent participant of the project "So different – but equal", where people with special needs paint pictures that raised money to install ramps in the city. Since in the budget there are no means for this things. The girl was so fascinated by the creativity that now is trying to reveal and realize herself as an artist. After the photo shoot, the activists gave her a set of brushes for a new hobby.