Startup contest "The Development of Future" (“Rozvytok Maybutnoho”) – the realization of ideas

The innovative startup contest came to an end. The expert jury decided to support all four of the project.
On the finish line came startups - OK Factory Venture Accelerator, Ecosystem Dots, Smart Discount and “ECOFARMING”. The final presentation was held last week. Future entrepreneurs shared their projects and answered questions of viewers.
The expert jury evaluated startups in four categories:
- Product (innovative ideas);
- Market (growth tendency of the product on the market, the prospects for opening a new market niche or create a new market);
- Team (the ability to implement plans, matching skills, competencies project participants to the proposed idea);
- Presentation (ability to present the draft, to speak in public).
To determine the winner was not easy, because every start-up was interesting and deserves attention. After hours of discussions and deliberations, the jury chose OK Factory Venture Accelerator, because this startup will help to realize others. The winner will be funded in the amount of 100 thousand UAH. And the other finalists will receive 10 thousand UAH each, to finish their projects to the European level.

“Selecting a project of Alexander, we knew that it will open an entirely new Chapter in the life of the initiative youth of Lviv, and over time, the whole Ukraine. The essence of the project is very simple - factory innovation, the main mission of which is to enable and improve the performance of our entrepreneurs and innovators. Looking at the experience of such projects in Europe, it is safe to say that “the future will be to make confident steps,” said the activist Marta Kozytskka.

Thus, the "Community Development" has helped not one, but at once four start-ups. Young people will be able to realize their ideas, and the country will receive unique business projects. Thanks to startup OK Factory Venture Accelerator, we can implement many projects and improve the work of those who are already working. These facts mean that we will attract a large number of young people who will be able to realize themselves. The first large-scale European accelerator was Seedcamp, which began to work in 2007 and now attracts thousands of start-ups in two years.

"The idea to hold a project that will really help young people to realize their potential emerged during the general discussion of participants NGO" Community Development "the most pressing community issues and problems of the city. It was decided to help young people to realize their ideas and support them in these difficult times, a tool for achieving goals was a contest "The Development of Future ". We believe that the best investment - an investment in youth, because youth - is the future of Ukraine. We were pleasantly surprised with great interest on the part of young people to our initiative. The slogan "The Development of Future” was the phrase: "Take the first step" in fact, each of us has made its first step, we learned a lot from each other, we grew up together professionally and at the moment are ready for new challenges, "- said the project manager Nazar Seniv.