A social project "The Dance of Unity"("Tanets yednosti")

Sport it’s not only health, but also sport trains confidence and determination.
Any sport is an integral part of self-development of children and is considered the most effective physical and aesthetic improvement. First of all, it provides good quality, strengthens, and builds character and discipline of the child. The most important is the fact that he warns and protects youngsters from bad habits.
Most parents understand the importance of sports for their kids. However, here we should remember that each baby is an individual, therefore, choosing a sport for your child, consider the state of his health, character and preferences. It is important that physical training of the child was staged. You should choose a sport that does not require large loads, such as swimming, dancing, gymnastics, etc. Sports should bring for child happiness.
Dancing is an excellent way for the development of the child. In "dancing" the child learns to think, to feel and to move at the same time. Also dancing will improve:
1. flexibility;
2. the tone of the body;
3. develops the muscles of the child;
4. formed beautiful posture;
5. coordination of movements;
The development of children is important for parents. Coming to the performances, parents will be proud of kids and their abilities. Promise: it will be so interesting and informative that you will want to take part in this.
Dance courses will help your child to believe in themselves, their uniqueness and originality. This will contribute to contemporary choreography, which brings personality, raises confidence in their abilities and self-esteem. It should be noted that the project participants will take the example of finalist of the "Everybody Dance" Juliana Dyakiv;her work reached great heights and she entered the top ten dancers.
So, the goal of social dance project is primarily an attempt to bring together boys and girls from Eastern and Western regions of Ukraine. This social project primarily will help to adapt our immigrants, to show their activity, meet new people and of course to give an opportunity to get acquainted with the art. "The Dance of Unity" provides modern choreography, in which participants will be able to test themselves and their strength.