Chervonohrad students were informed about the effects of bad habits

On the 1st of February the Chervonohrad branch of the NGO Community Development organized a lecture for students of the sixth classes in Chervonograd secondary school №10. Children listened about the influence of bad habits on the human body.

The lecturer was a nurse of Chervonograd Tuberculosis Dispensary, Uliana Kozak, who introduced children to the medical worker profession, and told in an interesting way about dangers of bad habits and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We hope that the information will be useful for teens and taken as a basis in relation to their health.

Nowadays, smoking, alcohol and drugs spreading among children and teens, so that it is one of the most critical problems. And its index has a tendency to increase. That is why this issue attracts the attention of publicity. A whole society suffers from this, but primarily young people are under the threat. Success in the fight against bad habits largely depends on the proper upbringing of the younger generation. Education of the smart attitude towards bad habits should be based on the own example and with the help of professionals. All efforts of members of the society, community, and government organizations should be focused on the fight against bad habits - say activists of the Chervonohrad branch of the NGO Community Development.