A festive day was organized for orphans

On the 15th of February in the scope of a project “Help Your Neighbor” activists of the Chervonohrad branch of NGO “Community Development” organized a real holiday for 4 children deprived of parental warmth and care. The children were treated to pizza and received themed gifts.

“Help Your Neighbor” is a social project of NGO “Community Development”. In its scope the activists help the needy. The members of NGO organize interesting leisure activities for children from disadvantaged families, orphans. The activists distribute fruit and clothes as well as perform any other necessary assistance.

Children are our future. In order for this future to be bright for us, every child has to feel needed and live in the world of beauty. In the framework of “Help Your Neighbor” we created a little holiday for kids. The small ones enjoyed delicious pizza in a good company and also received wonderful gifts.