The Stryi branch of the NGO "Community Development" showed high school pupils how firefighters work

In the framework of the project career guidance, on 29 January activists of the branch of the NGO "Community Development" in Stryi organized for local school children tour at the fire station. About 20 pupils of secondary school No. 4 saw,what actually is the work of firefighters(“nadzvychainykiv”).
On the tour, the high school pupils realized that being a lifeguard is a very difficult and responsible work. The review of a fire brigade began with the Cabinet, where are received the first calls for help. Subsequently, the pupils were shown fire and rescue vehicles which are used in cases of emergencies (accident, fire, hazardous chemicals, an accident on the pond, etc.).

Bonus during the tour was the lecture from firefighters Pupils were told how to behave during a fire, what to do when there seemingly no way out. Rescuers also dispelled the rumors about their work. In particular, that the firefighters go to the scene of the fire without water, and all their free time just sleep. Rescuers also shared a secret ritual, which is carried out on a new uniform and new colleagues - they are watered from the hose, that fact kids especially liked. At the end of the excursion pupils were allowed to try on clothing and to feel themselves young rescuers.
Pupils in the memory of the trip to the fire station received a brochures "Actions of the population in emergency situations" wich were developed by activists of the NGO "Community Development" jointly with the emergencies Ministry.