The Stryi branch of the NGO "Community Development" arranged a tour for pupils on local television

Yesterday, on March 29, members of the NGO "Community Development" in Stryj conducted the educational tour for high school pupils at a local broadcasting company. This event took place in the framework of the project "Career Guidance in Schools" with the support of the Association of Industrialists, entrepreneurs and employers of Stryi region.

Pupils of the 9th class of school №4 visited the local TRC “LAN”. High school pupils learned about the work of TV journalists and operators of the radio Stryi FM and Fresh FM . Pupils learned new concepts, such as the prompter, stand-up, story, radio, mixer and many others. Pupils also participated in radio programs and were the main characters of the storyline. Creative team of “LAN” told pupils how to choose their future profession and why they should start now. Pupils were very happy and said that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times.
We will remind, the NGO "Community Development" is implementing a project "Career Guidance in Schools” to help pupils of the senior classes on the verge of choosing their future profession.