NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) acquaints children with interesting careers

In the framework of the project "Career Guidance in Schools" today, on November 19, at the Lviv special boarding school №104 the captain of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told children about the intricacies of his profession
The project "Career Guidance in Schools" aims to introduce children to different professions. They talk about the features of their profession. Thus, children will more easily choose the specialty that they like.
Today, to children of Lviv special boarding school №104, the captain of the MES, Ihor Kurus, spoke about the work of rescuers. Emphasized its complexity and has shown with what they will have to work. The captain said that the job of a lifeguard is varied: starting with the rescue of a cat from a tree, ending with the clearance of explosive devices, projectiles, ammunition.

MES officer explained in detail to the children what to do if someone runs into such a dangerous thing, even, gave the possibility to touch some of the already cleared devices. Also, paid attention to such familiar firecrackers, that from a funny toy in a moment can turn into the explosive device. Taught how to recognize suspicious objects and whom to call.

About fake calls and such "jokes" on the phone the captain spoke from experience and gave examples of the impact of various childish pranks. And warned about administrative responsibility.

Such childish jokes can cost someone's life, because until a group of rescuers travels to a false call, someone may need assistance in an emergency situation,- said Igor Kurus.

The children were interested to hear from first hands how the rescue people. They are already looking forward for a visit of the next professional.