In the Lviv school was held an open lesson on jurisprudence

The lawyers of NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”), in the framework of the social project "Career Guidance in Schools", prepared for pupils of school №66 informative lecture on Law.
An experienced lawyer of NGO "Community Development" Tetyana Panasenko told high school students about the prerequisites for the creation and development of jurisprudence, and interesting facts of legal science. Also, explained the pros and cons of the profession. Tetiana stressed that the image of a successful lawyer combines a hard work, strict discipline and constant self-improvement.
Pupils at the lecture were very active. They asked about the practical work, shared their impressions and concerns about the work of the lawyer.

- Today I learned a lot about the legal profession. To defend my rights and the rights of people who are in need are really an important mission and a lot of work. Very interested were examples of non-standard lawsuits, which we were told. It turns out that even in such a challenging and respected profession, you can find something creative, said Nazar.

An open lecture on the theme "Legal knowledge is the Foundation for each individual" was held in the framework of all-Ukrainian week of law to improve legal education of senior pupils, to cultivate in them respect for the law and human rights.