"Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) continues to acquaint high school pupils with interesting professions

In the framework of the project "Career Guidance in Schools" activists of the NGO "Community Development" introduced to the students of the Lviv school No. 93, on the Street, the intricacies of the profession of journalist.
The famous writer Nika Nikaleo – is a journalist, she told students about her experience of working on various TV channels of Lviv. Explained the technical nuances of using the camera in live and during the recording of the show. The journalist told the audience what is the plot, the stand-up and the liner.


“I liked the kids “reaction” on my story. It was immediately clear that they were interested, because I revealed the big secret of success. But the previous skeptical attitude about a job disappoints me. Because this indicates that there are problems in society, the family. Parents are depressed, and children become depressed too. Because they are a litmus test of a healthy society. But I am convinced that the meeting with successful and happy people will give to all a positive attitude and confidence in the future. Usually someone who has previously determined, takes a hard work, and faster achieves high results” - shared specialist.

About the features of the online media the students were told by a journalist, an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Olena Diduh. She stressed that working at home is very convenient, because you can even work in your pajamas, but it really narrows the circle and quietly steals time.

Gathered a large number of children – a whole auditorium. Students actively participated in the discussion, shared their impressions and concerns about the work of the journalist, asked how to achieve success in such a creative, but hard profession, how to become the best and not be afraid of the negative public reaction.

The project "Career Guidance in Schools" aims to introduce children to the different professions. Experts talk about the interesting features of their work, lead "all corridors" of the profession, looking at the most secret corners. This allows students at the stage of schooling to understand the profession, and, subsequently, easier to choose a future profession,- said the head of the project Nazar Romaniv.