The NGO and Charity Fund "Community Development" noted benefactors and maecenases

On the 16th of March, the NGO and Charity Fund "Community Development" traditionally gathered partners and maecenases on the "Benefactor's Day" to report and summarize the results of social and charitable activities over the past year. The event gathered about 200 indifferent people who worked with us in 2017.
According to the results of 2017, the NGO and the Charity Fund "Community Development" together with partners and maecenases organized dozens of various social projects, as well as charity and patriotic actions:
Last year we conducted the "Vyshyvanka Festival" for the second time (together with the NGO "Lviv Regional Union of Social Protection of ATO fighters and families of deceased soldiers, Legion Sports Club, the NGO "Patriot") - an annual patriotic festival which is dedicated to the Vyshyvanka's day (the third Thursday of May) with a concert and various attractions and competitions. The festival gathered thousands of Lviv citizens and guests, as well as dozens of Ukrainian celebrities in the city center for the second time. In 2017, we set the Ukrainian record, we managed to bake the largest pie with embroidery. Also, we organized a flash mob in the park called Na Valakh where we decorated it with embroidered ribbons, we arranged a competition among the students for the most creative embroidered corner in their schools, organized a wonderful concert, a chess tournament and a charity party.
In addition, for the second time we conducted “Recreational Games” - a social sports event for disabled people which was aimed to give a lot of positive emotions and forgive about daily routine. Sportsmen with special needs competed in several sports disciplines.
In the Lviv orphanage №1, which is located on Tadzytska street the NGO "Community Development" opened a chess club for students. In the special room in the orphanage, thanks to partners, we replaced old windows with plastic one, we installed new blinds, game tables and various chess accessories. Moreover, the room  became as warm as possible so that the children would feel themselves comfortable to learn chess and develop.
We conducted almost a dozen of different sport and social events for people with disabilities. In particular, we arranged bocce competitions and a "Day of Beauty" at the Rehabilitation Center "Dzherelo".
For the second time we organized a huge chess tournament in memory of Heavenly Hundred and ATO Heroes in order to pay a homage to fallen patriots.
For the first time, the NGO "Community Development" conducted the "Stryi Flag Fest" according to the Day of the national flag of Ukraine in Stryi, thanks to the social event, we managed to renovate the Taras Shevchenko local park and attract the public to the city of Stryi.
We organized a summer holiday for children of deceased ATO Heroes, in the children's camp "Artek Prykarpattia" in the city of Khyriv.
"Gift to the Hero's child" is a social project, the purpose of which is to show the families of the deceased Heroes during the Russian-Ukrainian war that there is a memory and care about them. The main attention is paid to children, for whom, on their birthday, we organize a festive program with gifts and interesting leisure activities.
"Help your Neighbour" is a social project aimed at helping large families and low-income families. It's almost two years since we have been helping these people with products and essential things.
The mentoring program "Senior brother", which is organized together with the Ukrainian Union of ATO participants -  is a social project aimed at educating and adapting naughty teenagers in the society and involving them in normal leisure activities. The main attention is paid to the children of the deceased Heroes of Ukraine.
"Career guidance" is a social project aimed at helping children from Lviv schools to try to master the profession of their dreams.
In 2017, thanks to the maecenases, we opened two children's rooms, called "Corner of Goodness" in the children city hospital on Pylyp Orlyk street and in the ophthalmologic department of the Okhmadyt children's hospital in Briukhovychi and also conducted dozens of actions in eight previously opened "Corner of Goodness".
"Guardianship over children from the orphanage" is a social project aimed at attracting a child from the shelter to active and interesting leisure activities, as well as giving them unforgettable emotions and plenty of positive impressions. For it we organize: funny and educative excursions, various trips, common entertaining programs and trips to the cinema.
"The Master for an Hour" is a social project aimed at helping the disabled people of the first and second group as well as lonely pensioners. For more than two years the "Master for an Hour" has been working to fix various malfunctions and help disabled people to live normal lives.
In addition, last year the NGO "Community Development" turned into a genuine residence of St. Nicholas. Our activists, together with the indifferent people, helped the Saint to congratulate with gifts nearly about seven hundred children in Lviv region.
In 2017 we also conducted two massive activities in dumplings making for our soldiers. Also, in October, we organized a trip to the East of Ukraine to greet them with a Day of Defender and hand them all the essential things.
In June, together with partners and SC "Legion", we organized one of the largest sports festivals in Lviv - "Briukhovichi Sport_fest". As a part the large event, there were held demonstrative performances in the crossfit,  strongman, workout, mixfight and MMA disciplines, as well as the master class in AK 47 possession, sports relays for everyone and gifts from the partners.
Finally, the NGO "Community Development" organized two massive cleaning events in parks of Lviv and many other necessary and important things that make the world better! Thank you dear friends for this kind of charity work and comprehensive support. Let's make good things together!
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